How do I register a team?

Online registration is NOW OPEN!  You need 5-12 team members to enter a team.  Please make sure that each person on your team puts the same team name and includes the names of the other people on your team so the forms can be matched up.  Please include the name of your Team Captain along with their email address as your teams fundraising page and instructions on how each person sets up their individual pages will be emailed to the team captain to distribute to the team.  Please see the “Register” tab for more information and to register.

When do I know when my team races?
Your team will be notified of their race time prior to the event.  Please make sure each person fills out their email address on the registration form to keep informed of important details leading up to race day.  We are not able to accommodate specific race time requests.  

What do we wear that day?
We suggest of course proper gear and footwear.  Please see our training section and be sure to visit Gear Up for Outdoors at 894 Alloy Place, they can make sure you have the proper attire and foot wear for the race and training.  We do however encourage team costumes, t-shirts, face painting, hats, etc. There will be prizes awarded for best team costumes.

Do I have to know how to swim?
No.  None of the mud pits or water obstacles will be that deep.

What do I get with my registration fee?
Along with the time of your life, you will receive a souvenir Dirty Girls Tote Bag, Buff (bandana) and other fun stuff in your race kit provided by our sponsors.

I am not in the best shape, can I still participate?
Absolutely. We do recommend some light cardio a couple times per week paired with some upper body strengthening to help you get up and over the obstacles. However, you’ll have the option to bypass any obstacle that you’re not comfortable tackling. Training for the event is offered though our recommended Dirty Girl training gyms.  See the Training section for more information.

I am pregnant/have a medical issue, can I still participate?
We may know how to put on an awesome event, but our prenatal/medical knowledge is limited.  Please consult your doctor and get his/her approval before registering.

What if I can’t complete a particular obstacle?
All obstacles will be manageable.  We would like you to try to complete each obstacle, but if you feel you can’t then you can go around.

What is the minimum age to participate?
The minimum age to participate is 12.  Anyone under the age of 18 participating must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver on their registration form.   

Where and when do I pick up my race kits?
Race kits will be available for pick up the week of the event at Intercity Shopping Centre, instructions for race kit pick ups will be emailed prior to the race and posted under the Race Day section.

Can we switch out a team member?
Yes, if leading up to the event a team member is no longer able to race someone may fill the team spot for them.  They do however need to complete their own registration form and sign their own waiver and a $20 plus HST fee will apply to make the applicable changes.  An Online Racer Replacement form is also available. Please note, the new racer will receive the tote bag and buff the original person ordered.  Team member changes can be made right up to and including race day.  If you have a team change on race day, please report to the racers tent to do so.  No one is able to race without a signed waiver in place and a race number.

What is the fundraising requirement?
Each team is required to raise a minimum of $100 per racer for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Once you register for the event you can then set up your fundraising link on the Canadian Cancer Society website that you can use to collect donations online.  There is also a PDF fundraising sheet that you can print out to manually collect pledges.  All donations are required to be turned in prior to the event when your race kit is picked up.  There will be prizes for the top 3 teams with the highest amount of money raised for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Please see the fundraising section for more information.